Earn money Online promoting products from affiliate blog. today we will talk about how to Earn Money Online Make Money Online From Home from the Blog. There are two ways to earn money from a Blog.

By monetizing Blog with an Adsense and placing affiliate links in Blog Post.

Most bloggers Adsense Monetize their blog for Online Earning Another way is Affiliate Networking in which we can make money by promoting the product.

You will be able to get information about affiliate marketing by reading our post.

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How to Earn Money Online Make Money Online From Home with an affiliate blog?

As we know that the CPC of Google Adsense is very low, so there is no more Earning than Google Adsense, so people are earning millions of rupees today by promoting products from affiliate marketing.
Some of you may know a little about Affiliate Blog, but they may not know on which topic to start Affiliate Blog.
So let us give the same bata today how to earn money from Affiliate Blog

To make money from an affiliate blog, keep in mind the rules and regulations.


Earning Money By Blogging $ Affiliate
Make Money Online From Home

1. Identify or category your niches/topic

Before creating an affiliate blog, you should decide what kind of content you will put on the blog.
Before you write a post, select such type of content or category to promote some affiliate product in it.

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2. Doing keyword research

The best way to bring traffic to any blog or website is to do keyword research. If you write a good article by doing keyword research, then your article will definitely rank.
To get traffic to a blog or website, it is very important to do keyword research. Some Paid Tools and some free tools are also available for doing keyword research. In some free tools, you can use tools like WhatTracker UberSugest, doing keyword research is very important. is
If you write an article without doing keyword research, then it is possible that you may not see the article in the search index itself, in such a way, if there is no traffic on your article or blog, then how will you earn?

3.How to choose a keyword?

How to use the right keywords for your article or blog so that blog posts rank
You may have noticed that some learning keyword research tools show some keyword deficits and some keyword research tools show the deficiencies of the same keywords, so you will have to manually check.

In such a situation, you will have to adopt this method, first of all, you have to search word on Google and look at the top 10 websites out of all the results found there, how much are their domain authority and domain edge if any website can rank on that keyword. If she is 4-5 years old, then it may take you a long time to get your blog ranked on her word and you might not even rank

So you should always work on keywords that rank the website’s domain authority and domain edgeless so that your posts also rank quickly.

Domain name registration?

The first step required to start any blog is to register the domain name. How to choose a domain name. We should take care of a few things before registering the domain. I should put the name of the relevant domain under the blog so that the user Know by name what will happen in the blog content
It is not that you are taking the category related to the domain name and putting the post in the education topic and if you are booking the domain name and if you are adding the name of a brand to your domain name then it may be That you be fined
You can get the domain name from Google domain Name registration or from Godaddy or Namecheap, Hostinger website.

Choose Best Web Hosting?

I have often seen that people keep searching for Cheap Hosting. If you take Cheap Hosting, it will reduce the speed of your website so that your website will not be able to rank.
Before taking hosting, it is to check where the data center of your hosting is.
Choose your nearest location data center, this will increase the speed of your website so that it will be able to stay in Google easily.
Websites that provide very good hosting providers like Hostinger, Ionos , Siteground.

If you make a hosting purchase of 12 months or more from these hosting provider companies, then you will get a domain name free.
This will save you up to 1000 / – rupees if you already have a website and are looking for good hosting.
So CloudWays hosting, Hostinger hosting, Siteground hosting, will be better for you.
This will also keep your website speed good and can handle high traffic comfortably.

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Top Best Setup theme and plugins 2020

In order to speed up the loading speed of a blog or website, there should be good hosting and along with a good theme and plugins, it makes a difference in the speed of the website because there is a lot of themes which is of a large size so that the website The speed slows down and the loading time becomes longer.
Let me tell you a free and lightweight theme so that the speed of your website will also be good.

1. Generate Press
2. Astra

Both themes are available in the free version and the paid version is also available. You can easily use the free version and host your website, later you can also buy the paid version of these themes.
Ine themes ko setup and activate kar dene ke bad
Apart from these themes, you will also need some plugins which are as follows

  • Contact form 7
  • Elementor
  • Rank math SEO
  • Table press
  • Pretty Link blogger edition
  • Stackable
  • GETAAWP etc.

There are some important plugins that you can use to create an affiliate blog?
Which Affiliate Program Should I Join For Your Blog?
Before starting the Affiliate blog, we should decide on which topic we want to run our blog, so you can promote the product of that Niche
There are many applet programs that you can join and promote the product so that you get a good commission.

5 Best Affiliate Program / Network For Online Earning 2020

  • ShareAsale
  • CommissionJunction
  • V-commission
  • impact
  • Maxbounty

In affiliates networks per aapko alag category ke product mil jaenge jinhen Aap promote karke Earn Money Online Make Money Online From Home

How to write content for an affiliate blog?

After creating an affiliate blog, you have to write content on it, so how to write content for it that there is more traffic on the blog which leads to the sale of the product which gets more commission

Before writing content for an affiliate blog, you select a keyword and search its word in Google. After searching, check the content of those websites which are top 10 websites, check keywords placement, Check their backlinks later you can write your own content. You can do all this with the help of ahref or Semrush tools.

How to get your blog posts ranked

To make your blog post look good, write good content, create backlinks, and select focus keywords with less keyword difficulty.

  1. Make your posts better on On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO
  2.  Link Your Post Url With High Authority Domain


So you saw how you can use an Affiliate Blog to earn money sitting at home.
With which you can easily earn money sitting at home, you can also monetize your blog with Adsense, so that your earning will also be done through AdSense and you can earn Paise easily from home.
On an Affiliate blog, you can promote the product by placing affiliate links of the Amazon Associate Program or other programs and get a good commission, then you have learned how you can easily create an Affiliate Blog

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