Blackfriday 2022: IONOS Hosting From $1/Year – Free .Com Domain

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Black Friday 2022 deals and coupon for Hosting And Domain Theme, Plugin – Need a new web Ionos hosting service for your Business blog or personal website? 

Thousands are considering starting their own enterprises as part of the goals and actions of 2021 and launching a web presence, the first action towards true, sustainable financial freedom. 

Choosing the best web host provider represents that step. It looks similar to a daunting job with so various Technical terms to follow and thousands of potential candidates to choose from. Should you operate for shared hosting providers? Or simply get a landing page? How much bandwidth do I really need? What about SSL Certificate?

We have studied (and are continuously re-reviewing) well above 140 web hosting providers – and growing – and the most reliable website builder services so we know of what stuff the perfect top website hosting businesses are made of.

Every beginner blogger who wants to set up a new blog/website has the same problem in front of him. Buying Domain Name And Web Hosting is very expensive, but today we are going to tell you the way that you can buy a domain name and unlimited hosting for 12 months in just 1 $. 1$ HOSTING DOMAIN
You can buy a domain name for just 1 $ to 1 year from this website, Domain name like – .Com, .info, .Org, And .Digital.

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Black Friday 2021 IONOS Hosting From $1/Year – Free Domain Included

IONOS is a web hosting provider. This hosting provider provides web hosting at a reliable price. If you are started and your budget is work, then you can buy a domain name and hosting from this Webhosting company for 1 year, that too for a whole year.

You have to pay 1 dollar and you will get a free domain name and unlimited web hosting for one year. At this time the offer running on the company’s site can expire anytime, so you too take advantage of this offer.
Follow the instruction given below and buy 1and1 dedicated server hosting and a free domain name for 1 $.

Step 1  – ionos web hosting

First of all, click on the link and visit the official website of the company. Click Here

ionos web hosting


Step 2 – web ionos

After coming to the website of Ionos web hosting company, scroll down and click on Get Started in the web hosting section at the bottom. Further, proceed

ionos cheap web hosting


Step 3 – dedicated server ionos

After clicking on ‘Get Started’, the new page will open, scroll down that page and choose 1 $ “business plan for large website” plan in the below choose your ionos server web hosting plan.

Plan Feature 

  1. Unlimited website
  2. Unlimited storage
  3. unlimited database
  4. Linux Hosting
  5. Professional E-mail included
  6. Free Doman included for 1 Year
  7. enhance Cpu And Mem Resource
  8. Free Wildcard SSL certificates
  9. 30-day Moneyback Guarantee
  10. Unlimited traffic handle
  11. 10000 subdomain 1 and 1 ionos ltd
  12. Up To 6GB Ram
  13. Free 30 days 1and1 website

ionos 1$ cheap hosting and free domain name


Step 4 – Ionos web domain

After clicking on the continue button, a new page will open, in that page, you search for the domain name and add to Cart that domain name and click on Continue. From here you can choose the .com domain name, .org domain name, or other domain name extension. You will also get a domain name and hosting for 1 year for 1 $. and click on the continue button.

free web hosting in 2021


Step 5 – ionos server hosting

You do not have to do anything here, please click on the Continue button and process it.

free cheap web hosting 2021


Step 6 – ionos free domain

In this step, if you already have an account of Ionos, click on Sign In and if you are new here, then click on Create New Account.

free web hosting 2021 with paypal

Step 7

In this step you fill your name, email address, mobile number, country, and address or choose a strong password

Security check for your password:  like Kanwatia@0001

  • 8 or better more characters
  • At least one capital letter
  • At least one lowercase letter
  • At least one number
  • At least one special character like @, #

After filling in the details, click on Continue to Payment Options.

a2 hosting free for 1 year

Step 8

If you have a credit card or debit card which has International Transaction On, fill in the same details and then click on the order review and if you do not have a credit card, then you select PayPal and click on the Go To PayPal link. You must log in to your PayPal account before clicking Go to PayPal.

free domain name and hosting

Step 9

Your domain name has been registered with free hosting by authorizing the payment in PayPal and making a payment of 1 $. Now you can install your WordPress Jumla or whatever con is installed and make your site live.

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