PUBG PC Review: The Most Interesting Shooter In Years

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released on Stream five years ago and has since popularized the battle royale game mode. In this game mode, 100 players are pitted against each other on a vast map where they fight for superiority to the last survivor. 

Since its release, PUBG has suffered a few setbacks, and the original game mode has been fighting to remain relevant in a market flooded with numerous games inspired by its success. The developers recently dropped PUBGs freemium game model in January 2022, which saw PUBG join the free-to-play platforms. 

Now that PUBG is no longer new and as awe-inspiring as it once was in the gamer world, it is deficient compared to the other innovative battle royales available today. However, its distinctive focus on realistic simulation and massive zones still give it a massive fanbase and make it relevant. 

Excellent Third-Person Play 

The third-person play in PUBG is more popular than the first-person play game modes as it feels better. This appears because the player models are physically simulated, similar to characters from Red Dead Redemption 2 or Grand Theft Auto 5. The player’s movements are more fluid in third-person play, making the character reasonably fragile and giving the player better control. 

The difference between the quality of the first-person and third-person shooters is noticeable, and players can quickly tell that the game wasn’t intended for first-person play. Aiming is incredibly stiff, and the first-person game mode in PUBG cannot compare to proper first-person shooters. 

Excellent Terrain Use 

PUBG has seven vast and diverse maps, such as the golden deserts of Mirimar and the Eastern European-inspired Erangel. Players unfamiliar with the maps can easily get lost due to their sheer size, as it is impossible to see everything at once. 

PUBG keeps the battle royales attractive by shrinking the survival zone. As time passes and more players drop out, the playable area is swallowed in, and players are forced to keep moving. 

You can use the various villages, outposts, and numerous terrain features like mountains and rivers to the player’s advantage if the player approaches the map as a tactical ground. Everything is beautiful to look at, and the countless variables presented during the battle royale keep the players on their toes. 

Microtransaction Reaction

PUBG has microtransactions that are similar to your typical online game. The digital store available in the game sells various weapon skins, vehicles, clothing items, and cosmetics. 

Players can purchase the items available on the digital store using G Coins and real-world currency in some cases. They can also purchase the G Coins directly from the store at varying price ranges, with 510 G Coins going for $4.99 and building up to 11,200 G Coins for $99.99. 

Activation of the Battlegrounds Plus+ will cost the player $13. The Battlegrounds Plus+ gives the player permanent rewards such as access to ranked play after reaching level 80 Survival Mastery and a 100% XP boost. 

Players with Battlegrounds Plus+ can also host their custom matches and show off their Chicken Dinner Medals after winning a match. The activation also comes with 1300 G Coins. 

What About Security?

PUBG runs well on PC. While the Physics and technicals could improve, there are no bugs that could threaten the player’s experience in the game. However, hacking has become a prevalent issue in the PUBG community. 

For the best experience, players are advised to play PUBG on a powerful PC. It should have an excellent resolution to support the game’s additional field of view and expansive landscapes. 

PUBG: Battlegrounds Screenshots

The PUBG experience on PlayStation 5 is rough compared to that of PC. Players are indistinguishable at long range, which makes the vast maps in the game feel empty. 

Though the performance mode in the PlayStation model aims for a smooth experience with 60fps at 1080, the imprecise controls, the limited draw distance, and the absence of 4K fidelity make it difficult for players to enjoy the game. 

Additionally, players who play on PlayStation are looking to play against other Xbox and PlayStation players, unlike other battle royale games that allow cross-play between PC and console platforms. 

Besides the survival in team and solo modes, PUBG does not offer much. There are few exciting custom maps and only one official Arcade mode, Team Deathmatch, which is not as fun to play as the battle royale. This single-mode focus means that PUBG does not have the versatility of games such as Fortnite. 

Bottom Line 

PUBG’s slow-paced survival struggle creates infinite storylines for players, intense moments, and memorable shootouts in every match. While PC players enjoy most of the game’s features with little concern, console players often find the game’s technicality disappointing. The vast 8 X 8 km maps do not render in accurate detail, making the console experience subpar. 

However, players willing to overlook these technical difficulties enjoy PUBG’s hectic firefights and intense survival that heavily relies on their skills and tactics. 

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